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Klaxons! Incidentally, the best way to enjoy La Défense is definitely in a marquee, at a festival, where none of it can be seen. (at La Défense)

Do you remember how Paul describes the catastrophic effects of love? God’s love and forgiveness may make you patient and kind, not jealous or boastful; it may prevent you from being arrogant, or rude, or insisting on your own way, or being irritable or resentful, so that you do not rejoice in wrongs but only in what is right. It may make you bear all things, believe all things, hope all things (cf. 1 Corinthians 13:4-7). Well, you know what happens to people like that: they are patronized, taken advantage of, used and despised. If you want an extreme reminder of the risks you take in being forgiven, in being liberated from sin, in becoming loving, just look at a crucifix.

– Herbert McCabe, ‘Motorways and God’, God, Christ and Us, 27-28. (via thirstygargoyle) Via The Thirsty Gargoyle

The root of all sin is fear: the very deep fear that we are nothing; the compulsion, therefore, to make something of ourselves, to construct a self-flattering image of ourselves we can worship, to believe in ourselves - our fantasy selves. I think that all sins are failures in being realistic; even the simple everyday sins of the flesh, that seem to come from mere childish greed for pleasure, have their deepest origin in anxiety about whether we really matter, the anxiety that makes us desperate for self-reassurance. To sin is always to construct an illusory self that we can admire, instead of the real self that we can only love.

– Herbert McCabe OP, God, Christ and Us (2003) Via Unapologetic

Bonobo! I asked him after the gig and he doesn’t know how it’s pronounced either… (à Palais de Tokyo)

So I open a book that I got from the uni library and this falls out from between the pages. It has a playlist of about fifteen songs, mostly rap and all of them very very political. So if anyone wants it..?

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at Shakespeare & Company

at Shakespeare & Company

"The path that leads to Him by becoming Him."

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